Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Command Excellence - Training and Development

We have seen that COs of superior commands ensure that training is effective. To do this, they explicitly emphasize the importance of training to the crew, monitor the quality of training, try to get special training billets, work hard to get schedules with time to follow through on planned training, and make sure that training is realistic and linked to combat readiness. Here we further develop this theme by presenting what the command as a whole does to support training. 

Specific ways in which superior commands promote training and development are as follows:
  • ·  Value of Training Is Recognized
  • ·  Training Is Kept Realistic and Practical
  • ·  Training Programs Are Monitored and Evaluated
  • ·  All Levels Participate in Training and Development
  • ·  Command Emphasizes Professional Development and Career Planning

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Anonymous said...

Tell that to Fleet Cyber, who yanks funding for training as their first response to the budget crisis.