Thursday, February 13, 2014

Operating in the New Cyber Norm

Rear Admiral Jan E. Tighe
Deputy Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet

Why does the Navy keep enhancing the security of its networks, taking actions that at times have made things challenging for users? The answer is that we as a Navy, and as a society, are now operating in an age of constantly evolving cyber threats and network intrusion capabilities. We are operating in a new “cyber norm.”

The full article is HERE.

I love it when our leaders share their thoughts with us.  Rear Admiral Tighe will become the IW community manager when VADM Rogers is confirmed as DIRNSA/USCYBERCOM.  She is also our community's senior engineer (CHENG).


Gary Olivi said...

"At times these network hardening actions have inconvenienced Sailors and our Navy workforce.." I think a 2nd/3rd order positive effect to this inconvenience is that it is also forcing the Services to align together more as each Service is tackling similar problems. While the near term will be rough for everyone, if the Services and National side come together smartly on this, the potential upside is limitless.

Anonymous said...

"certain Navy web applications and websites are now (or will become) accessible only from within the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN), also known as the “.mil” domain."

I hope they're keeping the Reserve in mind with this move. I doubt they're going to issue each reservist an NMCI box, nor would I allow one under my roof.

Anonymous said...

"I love it when our leaders share their thoughts with us. Rear Admiral Tighe will become the IW community manager when VADM Rogers is confirmed as DIRNSA/USCYBERCOM."

Just curious: who is the "us" with which our leaders shared their thoughts? And how did they share it?? This tidbit about IW community manager duties, like so many other "announcements," is/was first heard in your blog. Thanks, Mike, for sharing!

Mike Lambert said...

Sometimes "us" is 'all of us', as with the publication of this article, the various strategy documents and all hands calls. Sometimes "us" is the 'connecting tissue' at the O6 level and this is where a breakdown frequently occurs in passing the information down the line.

When RADM Leigher passed the community leader mantle back to VADM Rogers, it was communicated that the senior 1810 Flag in a Navy billet would be the community leader. When VADM Rogers is promoted and confirmed as DIRNSA, RADM Tighe will be the senior IW Flag in a Navy billet and will become the IW community leader. So far as I know, there has not been an announcement to that effect.

Anonymous said...

There are no IW flags.

Mike Lambert said...

Yes, we know that they have been aggregated into the IDC at that level. So far as I know, she still will pick up responsibility for the IW community as its senior leader.