Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 Information Domination Essay Contest

The Challenge

Operation of the Joint Information Environment within the Defense Information Systems Agency is evolving at light speed as the pace of technology advances faster than operators can migrate to upgraded and new systems.  The military services are directed by United States Code Title 10 as being "responsible to organize and equip their services to perform all functions pertaining to their department".  Title 10 also provides that "Whenever the Secretary of Defense determines such action would be more effective, economical, or efficient, the Secretary may provide for the performance of a supply or service activity that is common to more than one military department by a single agency of the Department of Defense."  With these directives and related factors in mind, what are the appropriate roles for the military services and the Defense Information Systems Agency to establish, sustain, and operate the Joint Information Environment?

Contest Highlights

- Call for Papers -The U.S. Naval Institute is calling for papers on the subject of the Joint Information Environment as described above under "The Challenge."  Call for papers to appear in the February Proceedings, and online February 1.

- Eligibility - Open to all currently or formerly serving, and civilians engaged in work or strategy associated with the joint information environment.

- Deadline for Submission of Essays - March 31, 2014

- Length of Essays - Not to exceed 3,000 words

- Submission Process - Email essays by March 31, 2014 to: [1]

- Review Process - A joint panel composed of the Proceedings editorial staff and editorial board shall judge essays and choose winners

- Announcement of Winners - By email to winners no later than April 30, 2014 and online announcement shortly thereafter

- Publication of Winning Essay - June issue of Proceedings and online June 1, 2014


1st Prize $5,000 + One year membership in the USNI
2st Prize $2,500 + One year membership in the USNI
3rd Prize $1,500 + One year membership in the USNI

Award Ceremony

Prize winners are honored as part of USNI's Recognition ceremony during the Naval Institute's Annual Meeting, or at some other event to be determined by the Institute and HP.  We will also invite representatives of HP to be present to assist in the award presentation.

About Naval Institute Essay Contests

Essay contests have been central to the work of the Naval Institute for well over one hundred years. They directly fulfill the Institute's educational mission by encouraging writing on issues of concern to the Sea Services. They provide thought-provoking articles that spur ongoing discussion of these same issues, not only in Naval Institute media, print and digital, but also in other leading defense and national security forums.


Jim Murphy said...

Awesome! I love the USNI essay contests (that's how I got my start in Proceedings) and love this topic. I know some smart folks who need to enter this contest and throw their ideas into the ring.


Anonymous said...

Will any of the writers be able to define this "community"?