Saturday, February 8, 2014

Leadership Tip # 471 in the series

Consider this:  Next time you present a medal to a Sailor, write short personal note to your Sailor on your CO stationary and include it in the awards folder.  Write another note to the Sailor's parents//spouse and let them know you appreciate their Sailor's hard work.  Too busy?  I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Please post the first 470!!

Anonymous said...

When I was at HS-1, my Skipper sent a note to my Parents. My mom was so proud she framed it with a copy of my Boot Camp photo.

Jason Knudson said...

I used to provide a glossy one page "newsletter" to my CO for my weekly input. I would highlight a sailor a week with their picture and a 75-100 word summary of what they were working on, then would cc the sailor when I sent off the email. This became something the sailor could and would then forward off to their parents. Some things don't change as we grow up. Most of us still care about what our parents think of us and most parents still are proud of their children. I'll put the hand written note in the award into my tool bag.