Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OPNAV AO - you think you're busy now, just wait!!!

The Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mark Ferguson said last week the Navy will continue to reduce its number of staff positions. After 10 years of war, the office of the chief of naval operations grew to 2,300 people. With the war ending, Ferguson said Nov. 19 during an Association of the United States Navy luncheon in Arlington, VA, the OPNAV staff will be reduced to 1,500 personnel. The service also reduced 35 flag officer positions and will announce seven more reductions in January, he added.


HMS Defiant said...

Staff absolutely make work for others. They should be able to cut 85% of the staff billets without noticeable strain simply by making all staff billets at OPNAV 06 and above. No civilians, nobody below 06 and they have to type their own letters, reports and instructions and they cannot do their usual endrun by hiring/forcing lower level staffs to do their work for them.
Of course, anybody tapped for such a billet would put in his retirement papers instantly. Could sweeten the pot though by saying that the only way to make flag was to be selected from the OPNAV staff after 2 years in durance vile.

Anonymous said...

Network Centric Warfare, which was supposed to push decision making down the chain with the long forgotten idea of "self sychronization" has now turned into cyber-micromanagement from OPNAV.