Sunday, November 10, 2013

From the archives

I was pleased to find the program for Navy Information Operations Detachment Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii's  Change of Charge in my mailbox a couple of days ago.  It's a great reminder of how quickly time passes and how things change.  It's also a reminder of how some things remain the same.  I was happy to see that the detachment logo that the Secretary of the Navy approved for us in the mid 1980s lives on today.  It was also fun to refresh my memory of the Officers in Charge that have gone into the history books:

NSGD Barber's Point
LT Mike Zanski         
LT Mike Lambert      
LT Chuck Kasinger   
LT Larry Gloss          
LT Bob Mosely 
LT Tim Zinck (moved the det to Kaneohe)        

NSGD Kaneohe Bay
LT Tim Zinck
LT Dominic Lovello
LT Joel Yates

NIOD Kaneohe Bay
LT Joel Yates
LTjg Darren Schiermeyer
LT Michael Schmidt

and, the guy who is helping the Sailors of NIOD Kaneohe Bay write their own history today - 
LT David T. Spalding (the current Officer in Charge). 

The guest book for the change of charge ceremony at which LT Chuck Kasinger assumed charge of NSGD Barber's Point from me on 14 April 1989.


HMS Defiant said...

No girls?

Anonymous said...

We don't put girls in charge. Only women. ;)

James Hammersla said...

That book is a pretty piece of our history.