Monday, November 4, 2013

Commander Sean Heritage's 2nd in the series of Commanding Cooperatively - LEADING UPON ARRIVAL

Welcome to the second book in the Commanding Cooperatively series.  The insights shared  throughout the series are not intended to tell a "worst to first" story, as the team with  whom I led was already excelling when I assumed command of Navy Information  Operations Command Pensacola, Florida.
Likewise, this is not necessarily a success story, as  success is too subjective to either claim or refute. The objective is merely to share my  experience as a Commanding Officer and provide some insight as to how I chose to spend  the most significant opportunity and best tour of my career Commanding Cooperatively.  
Leaders do not require a position to lead nor do we need to be present. We create  opportunities to lead by building relationships, by making personal connection a priority,  and by caring enough to lead our team prior to arrival and long after we depart. Book Two  in this series is a continuation of the story. It begins where Book One ends, the day after the  Change of Command Ceremony, and focuses on the process that was "Leading Upon  Arrival."
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Sean Heritage
United States Navy

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