Monday, December 12, 2011

The Day We Cryptologists Cried

Our Shipmate Howie Ehret passed away over the weekend at age 70 - way too young and far too busy to die, but the good Lord took him anyway.

For 30 years, Howie Ehret served as an officer in the Navy, a life of constant movement that took him all over the world on ships and submarines. Rarely, he said, did he live anywhere more than a few years. So when he retired in 1992, he was determined to sink the community roots he never could as a globe-crossing naval officer.
“I spent 30 years defending the American way of life,” he said. “Now I want to participate in it.”

 In 1992, he retired from the Navy and went to work in Sonoma County, California and for 20 years he extended his Navy leadership skills into the civilian community where he made an incredible difference.

"Show me someone who has a bad word to say about Howie and I'll show you a liar," says his friend, Rusty Smith.

Excerpts from the Sonoma County Press Democrat


Steve said...

Howie did something remarkable in life: he made the US Navy better able to conduct prompt, sustained combat at sea. I do not forget the cadre of cryppie officers and enlisted personnel whose "enthusiasm-tantamount-to-fanaticism gave the Fleet new muscle in the sensor arena, but Howie was a prime mover.

By example and enthusiasm, by dedication and sacrifice, by optimism and follow through, Howie Ehret made an indelible mark on naval cryptology.

Thanks, Shipmate...BRAVO ZULU.

Steve Myers

Skaggs Shipmate said...

It is unfortunate that he spent more time defending the American way of life than he was able to enjoy 'living' it.

You have given full measure Captain Ehret. You can finally rest your oar.

Bugler, sound taps.

Anonymous said...

Captain Ehret was a force of positive action for the nation and the Navy. He taught many of us how to cooperate and collaborate and network before it was cool.

He loved his family, friends and community and contributed his time and effort on their behalf. He was all about optimism, energy, dedication and commitment to doing what is right.

For me, he was CO, a mentor, a neighbor, the patriarch of a wonderful family, an art lover (thank you, Irene!), a travel guide and a wedding planner (who knew?).

I am so very sad. Gone too soon.

Craig said...

What a loss for us all...a sad day indeed. Howie was a great Commanding Officer. You always wanted to do your best for him because he believed in you. He had a way of showing you how to improve without making you feel bad about the things you hadn't thought of.

He will be missed by many.