Monday, December 12, 2011

Common Data Set Initiative


I must admit that in the interest of full transparency, I have not been using the standards established by "The Common Data Set Initiative" when counting readers of my blog.  I should be calling you "click throughs" vice "readers".  I have no idea if you are actually reading the blog.

USNA Professor Fleming is onto the Academy for the same mistake.  Apparently the USNA is triple counting its applicants for admissions.  You can read the story at Navy Times.  It reflects a mildly deceptive practice.  We Navy guys learn to inflate statistics (among other things) at an early age.  I don't think there is a foul involved, just a different method of counting.  Most of us are accustomed to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... Seemingly, the admissions office counts instead by the 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 ... method. It's fine once you figure out the counting method.

Regardless of how the counting is done, lots of great young men and women are seeking admission to the Academy.  It's not necessary to artificially inflate those numbers.  I am just now learning that I was counted among those who applied to the Academy in 1974. I did ask for an application but never completed it.  Apparently, that brief interest of mine was sufficient to count as having applied.  I am glad to contribute to inflating the numbers for admission to the class of 1978 - one of the best classes ever!


Steel City said...

Believe that it speaks volumes on the integrity of the organization, just as the practice of allowing football players remain with failed drug tests, and improprieties within the funds raising activities. Just one more instance of valuing appearance and image over integrity and excellence.

Justin Rogers ENS, USN (1170) said...

'11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And shall I say: "Decade of Dominance!"

Prof Fleming makes some valid assertions from which the Academy can always learn. He's also a damn good writer and argues very affectively. On the other hand, he seems a little sensationalist and does not offer solutions other than the vague and nebulous, ie closing the Academy (from a 2010 NYTimes piece) and "cut the hype". And I question his intentions since there is always gain from prolonging problems.

LCDRLDO/6440 said...

"Just one more instance of valuing appearance and image over integrity and excellence." For some reason Penn State also comes to mind........