Thursday, March 12, 2009

Transparency and Alignment

“If you remember nothing else from my remarks today, remember these two words, ‘alignment’ and ‘transparency’. Those are the two themes we will focus on as we deal with the very real challenges we face today in the distribution of the most skilled and motivated Sailors our Navy has ever seen.”

“Alignment ensures that our efforts are applied to the problem and not to each other. It also empowers our subordinates to act on their own in support of our efforts without permission. Transparency makes it clear to our constituents and their families what we’re doing and why. It helps build trust between us and the Sailors we serve.”

Rear Adm. Donald P. Quinn
Commander, Navy Personnel Command (NPC) & Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP)

Note: I can remember two words - alignment and transparency. Here's hoping our Sailors and their families get some of that in the detailing process.

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