Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NETWARCOM Strategic Plan-Cyber Domain

Today, NETWARCOM is DoD’s only command that combines in a single organization all of the skills necessary to operate across the Cyber domain. The current NETWARCOM mission set, with responsibilities in ALL aspects of Information Operations, including Computer Network Operations and Information Assurance, already mirrors the mission sets being examined for inclusion in a DoD-level Cyber command. NETWARCOM is operationally aligned to those organizations that execute DoD-level Cyber functions (STRATCOM, NSA/JFCC NW, DISA/JTF GNO) and is organized to respond for Navy when called on.

EVERY NETWARCOM subordinate command contributes uniquely to our Cyber mission. As Cyber becomes an ever more increasing part of our military lexicon, those of us who work in the NETWARCOM domain must begin to think of ourselves not as communicators, cryptologists, intelligence officers, space cadre, or in terms of our RL/URL communities, but as Cyber professionals, a blended Team that delivers fleet readiness and operational capability in Cyberspace.

Publicly available from the NETWARCOM website:

NETWARCOM Strategic Plan 2009-2013

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