Sunday, October 22, 2017

Navy - Top Leaders

Top leaders inspire their teams to perform at or near their theoretical limits. By making their teams stronger, they relentlessly chase “best ever” performance. They study every text, try every method, seize every moment, and expend every effort to outfox their competition. They ceaselessly communicate, train, test, and challenge their teams. They are toughest on themselves; they routinely seek out feedback, and are ready to be shown their errors in the interest of learning and getting better. When they win, they are grateful, humble, and spent from their effort. By doing all these things, great leaders bring their teams to a deeply shared commitment to each other in the pursuit of victory. 

Are you a Navy leader? Has someone in your chain of command shared this with you?

Have you attended a Navy leadership course? Has this been shared with you?

Makes you wonder if the Navy is serious about this, doesn't it.

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