Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A naval officer

recognizes her responsibilities and therefore does not accept them lightly. A Naval officer understands that her word is her bond, exercised by everyday actions and daily decisions. A Naval officer will not waft through life selfish or disconnected, like someone who carries a fickle mind. A Naval officer, the genuine article, will not make promises she cannot keep, and chooses her words as carefully as she does her commitments. And because a Naval officer honors her words, she is in turn honored in her actions.


HMS Defiant said...


You screwed up. You put an unethical man in front of your microphone and you backed him up because, 88% of you are liberal democrats who wanted Hillary to win. You can tell that just from the silence in the face of the out and out lies of Clapper and all the rest of the ones you know have lied and lied and lied.

How do you sleep at night?

I mean, there's not much room to wriggle in now anymore is there? You know they all lied and you did what?

Anonymous said...

Who is this directed to?

Anonymous said...

It is directed to the Intelligence Community. Who else follows Clapper like night follows day?

When your Director of National Security gets up and lies and lies and lies, does your personal integrity mean you gainsay him? Even in front of Congress? Do you denounce him for lying? Do you correct him and point out that he is being both disengenuouos and dishonest? Do you point out that it is a crime to lie to Congress?
I don't think you do.

That last is directed to the readership. You know how you think of the Snowden's et al who have "betrayed" the IC by leaking truth.

It says a huge amount about leadership that one can actually write and write about integrity and make it the be all/end all of officer leadership and still maintain and tolerate lies and liars at the every single level of the community just so long as it is devoted to keeping the truth from the people because, intel.

I suspect at this point, almost all of the IC's sources and methods have been thoroughly compromised by leaks. The end result is that the sheep begin to suspect that the NSA et al have engaged in massive spying on American citizens of all stripes and not only don't stop but don't see any reason to because they are doing the Lord's work (or Democrats) take your pick, for them it amounts to the same thing.