Tuesday, September 19, 2017

From 2015 - things Information Warfare Basic Course attendees were interested in discussing with VADM Tighe (C10F)

Below are subjects and questions that IWBC class is interested to discuss with VADM Tighe.  
This will give an idea what's on their minds. 


1. Defense Acquisition of Information Technologies

2. Developments in the IDC over the next ten years

3. Expectations for Junior Officers

4. Retention of enlisted and officer, bonuses/job satisfaction

5. Competitive for O-4

6. EM Warfare

7. Direct Accession for IDC from ROTC/Academy

8. What does the community need to change to succeed?

9. Does the IDC have the resources to complete its mission?


1. Recently, President Obama and the Secretary of Defense have called out - and even indicted - foreign actors for hacking. How do you see us handling the issue of holding those (whether state actors, private actors, or those who fall somewhere between) accountable for hostile cyber actions against us going forward?

2. Do you know if the Navy is developing communications methods outside of EMS such as Quantum entanglement to support assured C2?

3. People in the class are from different backgrounds i.e. prior enlisted, lateral transfer, or right out of college via OCS. Will the expectations be different upon reporting to our first command due to our backgrounds in terms of initial assignments or leadership responsibilities?

4. What are the expectations of the new JO"s reporting to their first command in regards to the IDC, the military, the position?

5. With advancing technology around the world, and the growing realization of the danger in over-reliance on information technology, do we see our adversaries developing methodologies that are less dependent on technology? How are we addressing our own over-reliance on integrated C2?

6. What are the advantages of attending the Naval War College compared to the Naval Postgraduate School?

7. How have the policies and attitudes shifted in regards to offensive cyber operations over the past ten years?

8. Have offensive cyber operations affected the tactics for special operation forces?

9. Cyber research at the NSA and the Navy are often developed independently and not shared. Will there be a greater sharing of resources in the coming years?



My kids' Mom said...

Great questions. Do we get to read the answers as well?

Kind regards,

Anneli Kershaw

Anonymous said...

I think the answers are much like the CW community and its leadership. Nonexistent and/or worthless dribble.