Friday, September 16, 2016

With a new crop of CPOs ready to don their anchors - this note from the past. Officers train CPOs.

CNC's Wardroom Teaches 

Covenant Leadership to 

Newly Appointed CPOs

Story Number: NNS021209-02Release Date: 12/9/2002
By Chief Petty Officer Gregory T. Samuels, Center for Naval Cryptology
PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) -- Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Vern Clark's
emphasis on "Covenant Leadership" led the officers of the Center for Naval
Cryptology (CNC) at Corry Station, Pensacola, Fla., to dedicate three-and-a-half
days recently to an off-site with their 22 new chief petty officers (CPOs).

The officers taught a course which they developed at the CNC called "CPO
Continuing Education - Charting The Professional Development Vector."

Created in July 2002 by Commanding Officer Capt. Edward H. Deets, Executive
Officer Capt. Lloyd B. Callis, Director of Training Cmdr. Mike Lambert, and members
of the CNC wardroom (many former CPOs themselves), the course covered 16
diverse topics including a summary of the CNO's required reading (books such as
"Leading Change," "Powerful Conversations," "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,
and The Power of Alignment," the CNO's 5 priorities, 14 Minutes with the Master
Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, administration, Operational Risk Management,
evaluations, personal career development, the Revolution in Navy Training, and
command excellence.

According to CDR Lambert, one of the purposes of the course was to put the CNO's
thoughts about positive self-talk and message alignment into the hearts and minds
of the new CPOs. "The Navy is in the midst of transforming and this course is intended
to put these new Chiefs at the forefront of the transformation, well-equipped to 'lead
the change,'" said Lambert.

"Our senior enlisted Sailors do an outstanding job of helping our first class petty
officers make the transition to "khaki" during the six-week CPO initiation period,"
said Deets, speaking to the new chiefs at the seminar. "What our officers are 
going to do is provide another significant piece in your continuing leadership 
education and discuss our expectations of you as Chiefs. As the CNO said - 
you've made promises to serve and you are all living up to your promises. 
This course is part of an effort to fulfill our covenant to develop and mentor 
you, as well as to better equip you to share these important messages with
our Sailors," concluded Deets.

Feedback from the new CPOs was unanimously positive. "I have a better understanding
of what the wardroom expects of us as new leaders," said Chief Petty Officer Demetria
Barksdale, a participant in the training. "This has given me a great foundation for my
new leadership role with the Navy."

Lambert said that CNC officials were so pleased with the results of the pilot project that
they plan to refine it for possible use in CPO indoctrination training throughout the Navy.

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