Monday, September 5, 2016

Tell your story...write it down..


My kids' Mom said...


I really want to agree with that, but sadly I have it on personal authority that unless you are retired or financially independent it can be very hazardous to share, and especially controversial life experiences, which now happens to be the genre of stories that tend to help others.

I used to roar like a lion at injustices and when people refrained from doing the right thing. I used to champion the right course, I used to stand up for others and against what was wrong. I used to hoist the bull-shit flag and I used to blog about sensitive and controversial issues. I used to go where many others did not dare to go, and I used to shame people into doing the right thing. I refused to be quiet.

In doing so I became uncomfortable and as a result I have been threatened, issued gag-orders, and put on sanctions by very powerful people in who's strong interests it have been to keep bad things quiet and under the carpet. Now, I often think that I have become like the rest of the grey masses, the cowards that stand there and say or do nothing unless they first have considered what their personal price to pay will be if they stand up and hoist the bull-shit flag.

Now I often think: Is it worth it? And very often nowadays that answer is NO. Innocence is gone. I have become disillusioned upon discovering that many of the people that I used to look up to and admire for their courage, and strength turned out to be nothing but frauds when push came to shove.

Have a lovely day!


Mike Lambert said...


Thanks for your comments. I sincerely appreciate that you take the time to view the blog from time to time. We are of the same mind and I understand completely what you are saying.

You are not any part of the gray masses. I know your personal courage. Be strong.

With great respect