Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In case you missed it

Vice Admiral Jan E. Tighe presided over the Change of Command for Navy Information Operations Command Colorado on 11 June 2015.  Commander Marc Ratkus was relived by Commander Mark R. Alexander.

Commander Ratkus is headed to COMUSNAVCENT in Bahrain.

Admiral Tighe commended Commander Ratkus and his command for work with resolving a Maritime Threat Advisory Board Maritime Hard Problem with a robust solution.  The command also earned the EIDWS Pennant for 100% qualification of their personnel.  Over 169 Sailors and officers qualified under Commander Ratkus' command.  Commander Ratkus was commended for establishing a Deployer of the Year Award.  He also established the SPACE CADRE Model for the community.  The command also established the Master Training Specialist qualification for the NSA Schoolhouse in Colorado.  The command had 1 Copernicus Award winner, 1 On The Roof Gang Award Winner and 2 Association of Old Crows EW Award winners.  BZ!


Commander Ratkus enlisted in the Navy July 1983 and served 14 years in the Cryptologic Technician Maintenance rating attaining the rank of Chief Petty Officer. While enlisted, he served at sea in USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70), USS VIRGINIA (CGN 38), and USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71) and ashore at Naval Technical Training Center, Corry Station, Pensacola, Florida and Naval Security Group Detachment, Crane, Indiana. 

In June 1997 he commissioned as a Cryptologic Chief Warrant Officer and in June 2000 was selected for promotion under the Limited Duty Officer (LDO) program, serving simultaneously as a Permanent Warrant and temporary LDO. While a "Mustang" he served at sea in USS GETTYSBURG (CG 64) and ashore at Naval Security Group Activity, Kunia, Hawaii. 

In October 2002 he laterally transferred to the Restricted Line (Special Duty Officer - Cryptology) and attained the rank of Commander in 2012. Prior to assuming command of Navy Information Operations Command Colorado, he served ashore at Naval Security Group Activity, Sugar Grove, West Virginia, at sea on the staff of Commander Carrier Strike Group EIGHT, and ashore on the staffs of Commander U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Commander SIXTH Fleet, Commander Navy Personnel Command, and Center for Information Dominance, Pensacola, Florida.

Commander Ratkus holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Hawaii Pacific University, a Master of Arts degree in Management from Webster University, and Masters-level Military Sciences and Technical certificates from the U. S. Army Command and General Staff College and Naval Post-Graduate School. 

His personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy Commendation Medal (6), Joint Service Achievement Medal, and Navy Achievement Medal (4).

Commander Ratkus is married to the former Brenda McVicker of Pensacola, Florida. They have four children and six grandchildren.


HMS Defiant said...

Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Marc!

Chuck said...

Congratulations Marc and NIOC CO!

Anonymous said...

For his exceptional leadership, he was awarded....wait for it...an MSM. Like every other exceptional NIOC CO.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from Anon @June 22, 2015 at 4:16 PM …

Question: What level EOT should a NIOC CO receive?

Fact: DDG CO's (O05 billets) receive an MSM for their CO tour (at least that is what I've seen the last two years at at least 10 DDG Changes of Command). Not a single DDG CO rcv'd anything more (LOM) or less (NCM).

Question: In gross general terms, does a NIOC CO deserve a LOM give the "Fact" above.


Question: Does an EOT have any bearing on a NIOC CO's ability to make O-6?

Opinion: Having sat a Statutory Selection Board, EOTs have little to no bearing on promotion; yes, maybe if you are in the third "CRUNCH" picking from five to make two, you might (though unlikely) get down to an EOT.

Opinion: EOTs are chest candy for Officers; and are watered down today as compared to just 10 years ago.


Superb job form Marc, he'll offer IMMEDIATE value add to the C5F Staff.


From a sitting NIOC (O5) CO