Monday, June 1, 2015

Cryptologic Community Foundational Principles - A refresher

One of the many things that drew us to the Cryptologic Community is the sense of belonging to a group that had unique and highly sought after skills.  Today, we continue to honor Captain Joseph Rochefort and his celebration of the fact that “we can accomplish anything provided no one cares who gets the credit.”  

In an effort to share expectations across the community, the following general responsibilities are recognized:

The Community Leader is committed to the following...

• Pushing regular updates directly to all interested community members  (i.e. record message, blog, RSS subscriptions, social networking, etc.)

• Biannual updates to Community Vision and Strategic Plan

• Creating opportunities to engage and celebrate traditions as a community

• Championing cryptologic contributions and capabilities to other warfighters

• Delegating and empowering as much as possible

The full package is HERE

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Disgruntled in MD said...

I see that VADM Tighe signed this but I have not seen her live up to the promises she signed onto here. There is NO ONE to hold her accountable. She is not accountable to the men and women she leads at the most senior levels of the community. She certainly is not going to respond to those who are junior. Does a signature mean anything? I don't think so. Leaders blindly sign things without regard to what they mean. It's just the nature of the beast. And people wonder why we have lost faith in our leadership.

Anonymous said...

Five of the nine signatories are no longer part of the community. By majority default, the document is dead. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Who is the community leader now? I thought they did away with it.

Sean Heritage said...

Our Community Leader remains the most senior 1810 (or 1860 who rose through the 1810 ranks) assigned to a Navy billet. ADM Rogers passed that important role to VADM Tighe when he re-entered the joint world. Now that I think about it, 5 of the 6 1810s turned 1860s are in joint billets. Not a criticism, merely an observation.

Anonymous said...

It's dead. Let it go.

Anonymous said...

Cryptology is dead. Long live cryptology.