Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

  • Always bring something to the table that will make you more welcome.
  • Critics are good. They are the ones who show they care about what you are doing. Their criticism is affirmation that you are doing SOMETHING.
  • Make sure the artifacts of your life show purpose and meaning.
  • Benjamin Zander's rule #6 - "Don't take yourself so damn seriously".
  • Command is the zenith of military achievement.
  • Be worthy to lead. Then, lead a life of consequence.
  • Think as a man of action; act as a man of thought.
  • Honor never grows old.
  • The truth provides a fixed point of reference.
  • Audacity matters. Be audacious !
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    Jim Murphy said...

    Captain, I always enjoy your daily 'though generators.' That is particularly true this morning. I specifically like this statement: "Think as a man of action; act as a man of thought."

    I am curious though, if command is the zenith of a military career, does that mean the zenith for an enlisted professional is CMC? I would have agreed at one time, but I'm not happy to see what's become of CMCs under the 9580 program. For me, the zenith was simply becoming someone my peers, subordinates, and seniors trusted in the areas of lead, guide, and train.

    I think the zenith for each person is different depending on what their individual goal/s happens to be. As defined, zenith is "the is an imaginary point directly above a particular location." In essence, you can never reach that point because there is always something above where you are, even in command. I would say then, your personal zenith is that 'imaginary point' you yourself imagine.