Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Givers, Matchers and Takers

When it comes to when and how we help others, most of us fit into one of three categories: Givers, who help others unconditionally, demanding nothing in return. Matchers, who usually only help those who have helped them. Takers, those who demand help but never offer. Which are you? From Sean Blanda at www.99u.com


Christopher said...

Sir! How funny.. I almost forwarded you that link. 99U is a great website. Take a look at the recent posts on how to take notes.

All the best,

James Hammersla said...

In all honesty, I have at one point or another been all three. As I have gotten more involved and invested I am most often a 'giver', but I would be dishonest to say I have not been a 'matcher' & a 'taker' at one point or another.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

This is no doubt a description of the stages that one goes through, but in the evolution of one’s career in the Navy this has been presented as the inverse of what really takes place, when a Sailor starts out he/she is a Taker because they know no better. They become a Matcher when they have gained the knowledge to become a Matcher. And when they have become competent in their field, rating or profession they hopefully will become a Giver.

Very Respectfully,