Friday, June 19, 2009

An Ideal Leader

An ideal leader has strong intellect, physical presence, professional competence, high moral character, and serves as a role model. A leader is able and willing to act decisively, within the intent and purpose of his superior leaders, and in the best interest of the organization. Leaders recognize that organizations, built on mutual trust and confidence, successfully accomplish peacetime and wartime missions. Organizations have many leaders. Everyone in the Navy is part of a chain of command and functions in the role of leader and subordinate. Being a good subordinate is part of being a good leader.

All Sailors and Navy civilians, at one time or another, must act as leaders and followers. Leaders are not always designated by position, rank, or authority. In many situations, it is appropriate for an individual to step forward and assume the role of leader. It is important to understand that leaders do not just lead subordinates—they also lead other leaders.

Everyone in the Navy is part of a team, and all team members have responsibilities inherent in belonging to that team.

(Actually taken from Army FM 6-22 Army Leadership. They have it right)

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