Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stand Up !! Don't...

The level of discipline is in large part what the officers in any unit choose to make it. The general aim of regulations is to set an overall standard of conduct and work requirement for all concerned. Training schedules, operational directives and other work programs serve the same end. But there is still a broad area in which the influence of every officer is brought to bear. To state what is required is only the beginning; to require what is stated is the positive end. The rule of courtesy may be laid down by the book; it remains for the officer, by setting the good example for his men, to stimulate their acceptance of orderly military habits. A training schedule may stipulate that certain tasks be carried out, but only the officer in charge can assure that the work will be done faithfully.

The level of discipline should at all times be according to what is needed to get the best results from the majority of dutiful individuals. THERE IS NO PRACTICAL REASON FOR ANY STERNER REQUIREMENT THAN THAT, AND THERE IS NOT MORAL JUSTIFICATION FOR COUNTENANCING ANYTHING LESS. Discipline destroys the spirit and working loyalty of the general force when it is pitched to the minority of discontented, undutiful people within the organization, whether to punish or to appease them. When this common sense precept is ignored, the results invariably are unhappy.


The key is "steady strain on all lines." If you can maintain steady strain on all lines, there is never a need for "safety, liberty behavior, cultural, security, sexual harassment, financial, core values or any other kind of STAND DOWN. STAND DOWN means you have lost your focus. Don't do it!

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cat said...

Thanks for this, sir!
This is one that I can actually readily apply to my CAP career.. Your blog is a wonderful resource! Thanks! God bless.