Thursday, May 8, 2008

America's first Admiral

"America's first Admiral possessed all the attributes of a great commander: intelligence, confidence, determination, and boldness. He remained aware of the overall tactical situation even as the battle raged around him and his ability to devine the decisive moment for action was almost uncanny.

Courage was Farragut's most prominent attribute. His courage arose from his stalwart sense of duty to God, country, the Navy and the men under his command. He was a good judge of character, confident in own officers' judgment and abilities, and was able to give them the leeway they needed to get things done.

He was honest, kind, approachable, sentimental, dignified without being stiff, and possessed a good sense of humor. The competent officers and men who served under him not only respected and admired him, but also had genuine affection for him."

From Dr. Robert J. Schneller's Jr's excellent biography

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