Saturday, May 13, 2017

Think about it

You can enjoy more of Gaping Void and Hugh MacLeod HERE.


Gary O said...


HMS Defiant said...

No kidding?

Did you never work with the devices mechanical?
The devices electrical?
The devices eloctronic?
The generators?
The sudden loss of power?

Nobody scheduled to be onboard was killed in a car accident on the way to work.

Yeah, I knew where you were going with your post but it lost touch with my 30 year reality working in the navy.

One of our Petty Officers had it as a decal in the back window of his pickup parked in the Admiral Kidd Parking Lot everyday as we went to sea and returned, whenever. It said, "SHIT HAPPENS" The high class folks at the Naval Training Center and Admiral Kidd Club objected loudly but we were somewhat deafened by the engines and gunfire they never heard.

You don't rule out mistakes and shit happens, you plan for it. You mitigate it. You expect it and you deal with it.

Mike Lambert said...

Good comment.