Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Coming to you soon... from some sharp folks leading beyond their commands


Anonymous said...

One thing is for certain to me, this generation of cryptologic leadership has perfected the art of writing glossies that do little more than attempt to sell their importance / justify their existence.

Eight pages of text. Lots of (too many) reminders about the community's history.

A couple personal nit-picks (of which I have many):
"We are the Navy's professionals in Electronic Warfare..." Not entirely.
"We will have the courage to work across organizational constructs...to boldly shape and inform requirements." What do these mean?

"Truth is the document in and of itself is of little value."
The truth is that these types of documents do nothing. As with other OPNAV N2N6 glossies in the past few years, they have no teeth. Sure, they're referenced as requirements justifications in POM submissions and other correspondence but nothing really happens.

One thing that is needed is an enduring plan to detail, train and mentor officer and enlisted personnel to be cryptologists (meaning understanding the discipline(s) and how they support CCMD requirements), which will lead to successes in the areas identified in the glossy. It's about the people. And, it's more than doing the time, getting out of an assignment early, and / or getting a milestone tour to promote while avoiding all risks.

I attempted to get through the entire document but had to quit reading at page six.

"I’ve always found it difficult to actually finish reading a book on management or leadership..."
Playing It To The Edge, General Michael Hayden, USAF Retired (and one of my heroes)

Anonymous said...

+1, Anon @ 2:15.

"A little less conversation; a little more action."

Anonymous said...

Tha anonymous critics, love you all.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:15PM, C10F and FCC have been working the implementation of its strategic plan and those actions support this most recent work.

Gary O said...

@anon 2:15pm, you mention needing an enduring plan. This would be a perfect forum to lay out that plan that brings training (NAVIFOR), detailing ((PERS), CCMD requirements (C10F/USFF), understanding the cryptologic capabilities out there (FCC) and leadership (everyone's resp) into one cohesive document. I applaud you for tackling that task and look forward to seeing it come along.

You also mention that these glossies have no teeth and from certain seats I can see that view point, however, I can say that due to these "glossies" and folks acting on them this past year has seen many changes for the better of our cryptologic community.

Mike Lambert said...

Gary O

Exactly correct. Many changes for the better for our cryptologic community.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure the document will take the community somewhere now that we'll have the fabulous leadership of RDML(Sel) Keck.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% anon at 7:45 PM. Served with her at 7th Fleet. I was happy to see her selected after being overlooked several times.

Sean Heritage said...

Visions are by definition aspirational in nature and this vision is no different. As a contributor to this particular vision and one of many visible owners of the message, I look forward to more of us choosing to truly lead across the spectrum - To visibly own our warfare area, to lead as a unified team, and to master our core skills. As many have pointed out and the authors specifically addressed, the document is worthless by itself. The outcomes leaders across the community generate is the measure of value. Many great things have been happening of late and there is a tremendous amount of momentum. The future is on us, the leaders and the doers, not the critics. Listening to the critics is the surest way of maintaining the status quo and coasting down the glide path to irrelevance. Given that today is Independence Day, I am sure many thought that piece of paper was of little value. The actions of many have proved the critics wrong over and over. (And no I am not equating this Vision to the Declaration)

Anon 2:15 - Not interested in listening to you tell us where we are falling short, yet very interested in leading with you and others who truly want to make a very exciting future our shared reality. If you would like to join the movement, I am easy to find. Otherwise, please consider merely getting out of the way in favor of throwing negativity toward the many who are committed to helping us become more than we are. Because you didn't make it to the "Mandate" section of the document, here is how the document ends...

"Though this document most certainly will guide our collective action, we must strive to outgrow it. For if it is still relevant five years from now, odds are that we are not.

It is time we write our next chapter through action!"

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:15 PM, you should look for other heroes. Gen Hayden ain't much of one.