Thursday, February 25, 2016

NIOD Kaneohe Bay Sailor of the Year

NSGD Barbers Point was the predecessor of NIOD Kaneohe.  Established in 1982, I think. Arguably, some of the best CTs in the Navy passed through our doors over the past 34 years. The worst of those Sailors was above average. The average Sailor was a force to be reckoned with.  The best of those Sailors were simply incredible.  I am imagining that Petty Officer Evers has a really good shot at being CNO Sea Sailor of the Year.  I know an OIC who could not be prouder of her or her Shipmates in Kaneohe.  BZ Shipmates!


David Spalding said...

Thanks for sharing, Captain! It truly has been a pleasure to serve PO Evers and her shipmates here in Kaneohe. It is a tough reality to accept that I will be leaving here in just a few months. No doubt, I will be leaving knowing that I have served with some of the best Sailors in our community and, indeed, our great Navy.

Aloha, David

Tim said...

As a 3 time Barbers Point/Kaneohe veteran I am so very proud that the legacy lives on! BZ PO Evers and all who serve at the best duty station on the globe.

Regards, Tim Zinck

p.s. you are correct Mike, late 1982 with original plankowners arriving into early 1983

Tim said...

As a 3 time veteran of Barbers Point/Kaneohe I would add my most sincere congratulations to PO Evers, you are the latest in a long line of distinguished sailors serving at the best duty station on the globe!

BZ, Tim Zinck