Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The naval officer is...

As the Officer Fact Book, NavPers 15898, states, the naval officer is above all a leader - responsible for directing the human effort of an organization and for property and lives.  The naval officer is a planner, responsible for large scale mobilization and world-wide  logistic programs and operations.  He is an administrator concerned with thousands of people, millions of dollars worth of material, and  extensive facilities.  He is an industrialist, a comptroller, a diplomat; a good manager of men and equipment, an exemplary ambassador of democracy in all parts of the world.  He is always a student.  His opportunities for experience are varied, and for education, they are limitless.  As he improves in his job, he improves the naval service and contributes to the welfare of the nation and the world.

Above all, the naval officer is a leader, in all the moral, psychological, and managerial meanings of the term.  His leadership is expressed by precept and example, by planning, and by action within the greatest Navy of all time -- a Navy that numbers its officers, enlisted personnel, and civilians in the hundreds of thousands, its operations in the complexities of tens of thousands of organizations and activities.


HMS Defiant said...

A moral leader. Perhaps. One day.
I'm pretty sure we tacked away from that part of the ever changing definition. We don't do morality. Just imagine how far you'll go if you try to be moral in the navy today.
I think it's amusing. Morality is actively discouraged in the Navy today.

Anonymous said...


It may be discouraged in YOUR Navy, but not THE Navy.

Yes there are examples of leaders who lack morality, but that doesn't mean the Navy actively discourages it.

HMS Defiant said...

My apologies anon. I erred. There used to be a moral code we knew when I joined but it is gone and long gone. I daresay nobody at all misses it.

I hope that the other words for describing naval officers don't prove as transitory, but I have my doubts.

Mike, if you would be so kind, please email me.