Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet Vision, Guiding Principles and Goals - How does your command measure up in supporting these important efforts?

VADM Rogers calling on you!

VISION: We will conduct full spectrum operations in and through cyberspace to ensure Navy and Joint/Coalition Freedom of Action while denying same to our adversaries. We will achieve this end through Global situational awareness and Command and Control, operational requirements generation, work force development and partnerships with the Intelligence Community (IC), industry, and academia.


  • Operational culture
  • Proactive and adaptive planning and execution
  • Visionary thinking
  • Accountability and integrity
  • Embrace change

- Conduct full spectrum cyberspace operations in support of Navy,  Joint and National  missions
 - Shape  the Navy 's cyber workforce that supports and satisfies Navy, Joint and National  missions
-  Provide Navy cyberspace capabilities to support Navy, Joint and National missions


Anonymous said...

Curious as to what Commands conduct "Operations" at the direction of C10F. Only ones I can think of work for theater or are force providers for Agency.

Anonymous said...

Also, all goals are centered on cyber. What happened to SIGINT and EW?

Anonymous said...

NETWARCOM and their subordinates (NcTAMS, NCTS, and NAVSOC), NIOCs that have a FIOCs, NCDOC...

Anonymous said...

CYBER is the bright and shiney object, just like IO was 10 years ago. Through all the over-hype and snake oil, SIGINT and EW continue to be the thing that matters. Granted CND is critical, but it is only being done by a small number of CTs and you could argue it should be done by ITs. CNE is extremely valuable, but it just serves to enable traditional SIGINT skills. CNA.... dueling lawyers, leave it those who like tilting at windmills.
Language skills, analytical skills, target knowledge, joint warfare, special warfare are what matter across all the combatant commanders. We bring critical and unique skills to all those mission areas. Too bad the staff weenies in the DC dont see it.

Anonymous said...

Rgr ... on the hook for comms 'Operations'

however, I wouldn't say that the FIOCs "Conduct full spectrum cyberspace operations" at C10F direction but if thats what you want to say happens then OK.

Pwlk said...

What is meant by requirements under Goal 3? I can understand shared capabilities, but how do Operations and Force Shaping precede requirements?

Mike Lambert said...


Do you have a copy of the whole document? The CO was tasked to share this with you when VADM Barry McCullough was FCC/C10F. Context will make it more clear. I put a copy in the mail to you just in case.