Monday, October 8, 2012

A Difference Maker's Manifesto

  • We will always give more than we take. We'll share all that we have.
  • We reject complacency, mediocrity, conformity, and dependency. 
  • We are not held captive by fear of failure or anything else. 
  • We are fueled by vision and passion, governed by principles, guided by ideals and values.
  • We do not succeed through luck or chance. We succeed through deliberate, conscious effort. 
  • We are not entitled to the fruit of another man’s labor. 
  • Our lives, careers and results are our responsibility. We are not victims of circumstance. 
  • We are victors by choice and determination. We aren't going to quit.
  • We live lives of purpose, not excuses.
  • We don't enjoy the security of a safe harbor, but prefer the exhilaration of the open sea. 
  • While others complain about problems and obstacles, we seek to create opportunities and solutions. 
  • We are relentlessly committed to sustained improvement. Steady strain on all lines.
  • We are not afraid to act and fail; failure is simply accelerated learning and training for tomorrow's challenges. 
  • We value persistence as much as natural talent and intelligence. We may not be the smartest in the room but we're not leaving until the job is finished.  You can count on that.
  • Where others are content to gnaw on the bones of the security of the status quo, we feast on the meat of change and new ideas. 
  • While others criticize us from the cheap seats, we work relentlessly to change things for the better.  You'll find us on the field of play still practicing our craft long after the others have quit.
  • While others are blaming, we are busy building teams and collaborating. 
  • We intend to leave a legacy of service, contribution, participation and leadership. 


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