Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Number One Son

This is our son Michael. He's a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin (National Champion Longhorns). This photo is about 18 months old. His dreads are a bit longer today. He's had the dreads for about 5 years now. The lady in the sunglasses is my great wife (nearly 28 years of wedded bliss). We had an awesome trip to Austin for his graduation. It was a surreal event. A Chinese American girl was the valedictorian and she titled her speech "I HAVE A DREAM". Hard to believe she didn't realize that Martin Luther King had already done that. Even harder to believe that the UT staff had not vetted her speech. #1 son is still in Austin. It's a great city just chock full of great people. They keep Austin "weird".

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Diana Pitzen said...

Absolutely awesome! Dacoyda will so like this! I will send it to him so he can check it out also. He is in Norfolk visiting his Daddy side of the family and then headed to Seattle for the Rams vs Seattle NFL game in January! He is stoked about it! He is a HUGE Longhorn and Ram fan. Wanted to go to Texas for college but he got a great scholarship from The University of Bethel in Mckenzie TN! Plus my Momma, Daddy and middle sister live in the next town so he has family close! And yes your wife is beautiful as always! You are both blessed to be married so long! That is so awesome!!