Monday, December 7, 2009

Arleigh A. Burke: Teach our young people

"America's most important role in the world, almost from the day our country was born, has been the role of moral leadership...Teach our young people to believe in the responsibility of one to another; their responsibility to God; to the people of the world. Teach them to believe in themselves; to believe in their worth as human beings; to believe in their place in leading the world out of the darkness of oppression. Teach them to believe that no one owes us a living, but that we owe so much to others. Teach them to believe in their priceless heritage of freedom, and that it must be won anew by every generation. And teach them to believe in the United States of America. The hope of the world lies here, in our physical power, our moral strength, our integrity, and our will to assume the responsibilities that history plainly intends us to bear."

Admiral Arleigh A. Burke
United States Navy

From NAVPERS 15890
Moral Leadership: The Protection of Moral Standards and Character Education Program

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

The people of this great country have not heard words such as this for a very long time, we should still pine to hear our leaders say such things, which in my humble opinion are the very essence of good leadership. I miss those days when our people and country were both strong and proud, because every man jack was willing to serve our country’s needs, mainly because of the leadership that was always there to inspire and motivate the citizens to do the right thing for their country.

Very Respectfully,